Klick Fast is a tried and tested Peter Jones innovation. 

Manufactured in the UK, Klick Fast offers secure, hands-free carrying of portable devices.

Robust and versatile, Klick Fast is the market-leading carrying solution, favoured by first responders and security staff across the world. When attached to a device or holder, a Klick Fast Connector easily slides into any Klick Fast Dock, which can be located anywhere on the body, vehicle dashboard, locker, rucksack or bicycle handlebars. There’s a Dock available for almost every mounting requirement; each one will securely lock equipment in place. 

It can be rotated 360 degrees, clicked into any of seven positions and released instantly when required. What’s more, its unique polymeric formula provides the Klick Fast System with unsurpassed durability, which has been tested and guaranteed for 50,000 rotations. With a melting point of 230 degrees Celsius and an ignition point of 300 degrees Celsius, it won’t let users down.  What's more, every Peter Jones Klick Fast Connector is 100% compatible with every Peter Jones Klick Fast Dock. Peter Jones can always be depended on for guaranteed fit and reliability.

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