Klick Fast Screw-On Dock


The Klick Fast Screw-On Dock is ideal for mounting devices, including radios and body-worn video cameras, to surfaces such as vehicle dashboards, walls and lockers, allowing safe and secure storage. The Klick Fast Screw-On Dock can also be screwed onto various items, including Ram-Mount fittings (not supplied), enabling devices that incorporate a Klick Fast Connector to be securely fastened.

Custom colours available

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Product features

  • The Klick Fast Screw-On Dock is screw-mounted via four recessed holes, 5mm in diameter (Note: screws are not supplied)
  • The centres of the recessed holes are spaced 33mm distance from each other

Product details

0.014 Kg
W 46mm x D 12mm x H 46mm
Peter Jones Nylon; Stainless Steel

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