Incapacitant Spray Holder

When your equipment is your lifeline, quick and easy deployment is crucial. Tough, durable and built to last, the Peter Jones Incapacitant Spray Holder protects the spray pot from impact, and sits securely in place, even when the wearer is running or comes into contact with an assailant. While the lanyard keeps the spray pot attached to the user’s body, even if dropped. It’s no surprise when users tell us that it’s the best piece of kit they own.

The Peter Jones Incapacitant Spray Holder range offers hands-free carrying of a variety of incapacitant sprays, including PAVA and CS. Most models rotate for ease of access and comfort and can be mounted with a Klick Fast Connector, a belt loop or a MOLLE attachment.

Product Features

  • The standard model is fitted with a leather belt loop on its rear for attaching to belts of up to 50mm in width. It is also available with a belt loop to suit belts up to 55mm.
  • Alternative mounting options include a MOLLE System Attachment and a Klick Fast Connector on the rear. Models with a Klick Fast Connector can also be supplied with Klick Fast Belt Docks to suit either 32mm, 38mm, 50mm or 60 mm belt widths. This provides flexibility in enabling the Incapacitant Spray Holder to be attached anywhere on the body as well as on belts.
  • The holder can be mounted either side of the body for right- or left-handed use.
  • Adjustable positioning is achieved via a 12-position durable nylon ratchet that rotates 360º
  • The standard model is fitted with pot to hold a 35mm diameter spray canister, but pots are interchangeable, with other pots available to suit a selection of canister diameters (e.g., 38mm) and lengths (e.g., 135mm).
  • A leather retaining strap secures the canister pot and is easily closed and opened via a heavy-duty, press stud.
  • It features a textured surface on the nylon-moulded canister pot for a secure hand grip.
  • The spray holder is fitted with a curly lanyard to keep the spray pot close to the body if accidentally dropped in use.
  • For storage, the pot and canister are easily separated from the holder by detaching the flat spring hook on the lanyard.
  • Allows for rapid deployment in critical situations.
  • Model variations include left- or right-handed, fixed-position holders that don’t rotate, and a leather-free holder for those who wish to avoid the use of animal products.
  • Colour: black.

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