FORTiS offers an easy carrying solution for mobile devices, ensuring that the device is always on hand for immediate access. The range has been designed for users to carry the latest tech where they need it, and is made to the superior quality and durability for which Peter Jones is known.

The FORTiS range provides additional protection and hands-free portability for mobile devices, including smartphones. It can be worn front facing for screen visibility or folded down for privacy, and worn on both belts or garments. Moulded from robust ABS, FORTiS holders feature a Klick Fast Connector on the rear for attachment to all Peter Jones Klick Fast Docks. Devices are securely retained in the FORTiS by a “claw” at each corner, staying securely attached even when running.

Product Features

  • FORTiS holders are designed and developed to each individual mobile device’s specification, so that features such as screens, buttons, controls, USB ports, speakers, microphone holes, fingerprint readers and camera lenses are fully accessible and unobstructed. 
  • Moulded apertures and guards are incorporated into the FORTiS design to protect against accidental activation of buttons and controls, while also guiding users in locating buttons when required. They also allow gloved users to operate all buttons and controls. 
  • Jack and USB cable retention and routing can be incorporated into the FORTiS holder to secure cabling, where required. 
  • FORTiS Fold-Down Cases are available to give devices additional protection by an all-round  cover attached to the moulded ABS holder. The  FORTiS Fold-Down Case opens and closes via two sturdy press studs and allows full access to all device features and controls, while maintaining screen privacy. A Klick Fast Connector on the rear of the case allows attachment to all Peter Jones’ Klick Fast Docks
  • We can manufacture FORTiS holders for most brands of mobile devices, including Samsung, Motorola and Zebra.
  • Colours available are black, hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange.

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