The Klick Fast System sets the standard for carrying radios and other portable equipment. 

The slim, durable Connector is at the heart of the Klick Fast System. It can be added to any of our cases and holders for maximum flexibility and security. We work with manufacturers and distributors to incorporate the Klick Fast Connector directly into equipment and devices. This can be done at the manufacturing stage or retrofitted. Simply sliding the Connector into any Klick Fast Dock locks it securely in place. It’s designed to allow any device to slide into a Klick Fast Dock at multiple angles. Once docked, equipment can be rotated to any of seven positions while staying securely in place, allowing radios and equipment to be carried completely hands free. What’s more, undocking equipment takes only seconds.

The preferred carrying system of police, ambulance and fire services throughout the world, Klick Fast is dependable and versatile. 

Klick Fast Connector

The Klick Fast Connector, when attached to a device or holder, slides and locks easily into any Klick Fast Dock. 

Seven Ratcheted Positions

Once docked, the device can be rotated to any of seven ratcheted positions. It is undocked quickly and easily by rotating to its inverted position and sliding it free.

Klick Fast Docks

The wide range of Docks makes the Klick Fast System suitable for mounting just about any portable or wearable item. Whether garments, belts, lockers, vehicle dashboards, rucksacks, bicycle handlebars – Docks can be threaded, sewn, glued, screwed or magnetically attached.

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