Tended Geofencing Device on Peter Jones Klick Fast Armband

Award-winning start-up on a mission to end workplace accidents and fatalities

Klick Fast Built-in

Tended is an award-winning start-up on a mission to put an end to workplace accidents and fatalities. Working within safety-critical industries, they specialise in geofencing technology that helps workers stay within safe working limits and maintain a safe distance from hazards.

The team at Tended approached Peter Jones to develop a carrying solution for their devices used by site-based workers in the rail, construction and utilities industries. The particular challenge was to ensure a stable and secure position of the device on the body that would maximise satellite exposure for the geofencing technology, while ensuring manual work could continue unimpeded in a rugged environment.  Tended was also looking for a solution that would provide a wide range of mounting options to suit the wearer, their work environment and type of work being carried out. 

The design and engineering team at Peter Jones developed what would later be known as the Klick Fast Armband. Tended utilised the Klick Fast Castellation Connector System in their device for easy Klick Fast compatibility, and the development of the armband allows the wearer to attach the device securely to the upper arm without the need for permanent alterations to clothing. Using in-house facilities, Peter Jones was able to prototype and create samples in less than three weeks, before going into production from their Abergavenny-based factory.

Tended Geofencing Device in Use on Construction Site

Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at Peter Jones. Combining experience with state-of-the-art technology, our in-house prototyping and manufacturing capabilities are industry leading.

Morgan Jones, director at Peter Jones

The variety of quality Klick Fast mounting options afforded by Peter Jones is really quite something; we’ve been able to find several that are optimal for both our technology and that suits our customers’ needs. At every stage of development, the service from Peter Jones has been very responsive and they’ve been a real pleasure to partner with.

Andrew Wood, head of hardware at Tended

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