Klick Fast Armband


The Klick Fast Armband allows the wearer to attach a device to the upper arm, forearm or wrist without the need for permanent alterations to clothing. The Klick Fast Armband allows any Klick Fast-enabled device, such as scanners, safety monitors and personal alarms, to be attached to the Klick Fast Dock at the front of the Armband. This version comes in black.

Custom colours available

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Product features

  • Adjustable in length for use on the upper arm, forearm or wrist
  • The comfortable, elasticated fabric has a Velcro inner lining, enabling the Klick Fast Armband to wrap anywhere around the arm and fasten securely
  • Ideal for the carrying of monitors, gas detectors, lone worker, geo-fencing and other safety devices
  • A nylon keeper retains any excess material
  • A non-slip, textured surface on the inner lining prevents the Klick Fast Armband from sliding down sleeves
  • Available in black, hi-vis orange and hi-vis yellow

Product details

0.065 Kg
W 160mm x D 40mm x H 90mm
Peter Jones Nylon; Cordura; Elastic; Nylon; Leather

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