Klick Fast Dock for Remote Speaker Mic Tag


The Klick Fast Dock for Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) Tag allows the attachment of a Klick Fast Dock to shirt or clothing loops/tags. It features a rear leather tongue 41mm wide that slides behind the garment loop/tag, and is then secured to the front of the Dock with a heavy-duty press stud.

Custom colours available

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Product features

  • Ideal for securely mounting devices such as radios and remote speaker microphones to garment loops/tags, while also enabling the device to be rotated to the wearer’s preferred position. Mounting a device via its standard rear clip to a garment loop/tag is not as secure and allows only one carrying angle
  • Other versions of the Klick Fast Dock for RSM Tag are available with different rear tongue widths to suit various loop/tag widths, leather-free tongues, and Docks with more than one rear tongue

Product details

0.023 Kg
W 55mm x D 12.5mm x 60mm
Peter Jones Nylon; Leather; Brass

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