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P175 The Ultimate Chemical Spray Holder

Made from high quality leather and durable nylon mouldings, the P175 spray holder provides essential PROTECTION–COMFORT—PRECISION for non-lethal sprays. Designed and developed with the assistance of operational and training personnel, our innovative range of spray holders addresses the difficulties experienced with conventional pouches. Acknowledged by police forces around the world as one of the fastest, most effective means of delivering non-lethal sprays, P175 ensures your advantage in times of need.

Spray Holder P175 Switchable pots

Interchangeable pots allow the use of a wide range of canister diameters and lengths.

Spray Holder P175

With twelve position ratchet
With Klick Fast connector
Holder with Klick Fast
Fixed position, right hand use
Fixed position, left hand use
P174 non-ratchet version
Sew on holder
Sew on version
Kit form for riveting onto body armour
Sew on version
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