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The Klick Fast System

Our Klick Fast system sets the standard for carrying radios and other equipment. Klick Fast gives the user the option of where, and how, to carry their devices.

Our slim, durable connector is the heart of the Klick Fast system, it can be added to any of our cases. Simply sliding the connector into any Klick Fast dock locks it securely in place. Once docked the equipment can be rotated to any of seven positions and it will remain held in place thanks to Klick Fast's inbuilt ratchet positioner. Undocking equipment takes only seconds; simply rotate the case to the inverted position and it slides free.

Spray Holder

Made from high quality leather and durable nylon mouldings, the P175 spray holder provides essential protection, comfort and precision for non-lethal sprays. Designed and developed with the assistance of operational and training personnel, our innovative range of spray holders addresses the difficulties experienced with conventional pouches. Acknowledged by police forces around the world as the fastest, most effective means of delivering non-lethal sprays, P175 ensures your advantage in times of need.

P200 Speedcuff Holder

The P200 Speedcuff Holder is made from high quality leather and durable, moulded nylon. The nylon is used in a custom moulding which is shaped to hold the cuffs in position even after the retaining strap has been released.

Baton Holder

Made from high quality leather with durable moulded nylon and rubber fittings, the P174 range of baton holders ensures security, comfort and service when carrying and deploying expandable batons. Multiple attachment options, ratchet positioners and Klick Fast and Molle Vest system versions are, of course, available. P174 is acknowledged by police forces around the world as one of the fastest and most effective means of deploying an expandable baton.

Retro-fit Garment Dock

DOCK08 lets you retro-fit a Klick Fast system dock to an existing garment or body armour.

Klick Fast Belt Docks

Thread-on Docks to bring the Klick Fast system to belts of all sizes.

Handlebar Dock

Fully adjustable to suit all handlebars from 20 - 30mm diameter. Supplied with rubber protection sleeve to cushion your equipment from vibrations and protect your handlebars.

Klick Fast for Torches

Add a Klick Fast stud to LED Lenser, PELI and MAGLITE torches.

Klick Fast for Harnesses

Klick Fast Dock for mounting mobile data devices, TETRA radios and body worn cameras onto webbing straps.

Peter Jones ILG at BAPCO

The Klick Fast System demonstrated at BAPCO.


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