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Torch Holders

The Peter Jones design department has produced a range of torch mounts with Klick Fast studs. These include the RSTUDKFTORCH, which clamps onto conventional cylindrical torches, and the RSTUDBELTCLIP which integrates with the Peli range of LED torches.

LED Lenser Torch in Klick Fast mount
Fits torches from 20mm to 30mm in diameter.
Holder with Klick Fast
Holder with Klick Fast
Clamps onto the belt clip fitted to Peli-style torches. The backplate is reversible to allow it to be used with the different sizes of clip found on torches from other manufacturers.
Holder with Klick Fast

These torch mounts are, of course, compatible with any of our range of Klick Fast Docks.

Dock for Picatinny Rail
Helmet Dock
Sew-on Dock (eg for mounting RSTUDKFTORCH to caps, as seen above)
Sew-on Dock
Bicycle Mounted Dock
Handlebar mounted Dock
Dock 08 on high visibility jacket
'Screw-to-Fit' dock allows Klick Fast devices to be mounted on garments.
Holder with Klick Fast
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