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Handcuff Carriers

P200 Speedcuff Holder Speedcuff Pouches 12 position ratchet

Adjustable 360° 12 position ratchet for comfort and ease of withdrawal

P200 Speedcuff Holder

The innovative P200 Speedcuff Holder is made from high quality leather and durable moulded nylon and offers more than other similar holders on the market. The Peter Jones Design Department has produced a moulding to sit inside the Speedcuff Holder. This moulding is shaped to hold the cuffs in position once the retaining strap is released for use. This standard P200 product also has the bonus of our ratchet belt loop mechanism, which can be adjusted for comfort.

P200 Speedcuff Holder
Speedcuff holder with belt loop and twelve position ratchet

Speedcuff Pouches

P150CR / P151CR
Speedcuff pouch with centrally mounted belt loop and twelve position ratchet
P150TR / P151TR
Speedcuff pouch with top mounted belt loop and twelve position ratchet
Fast Draw cuffs

Handcuff Cases

Fully enclosed handcuff case with twelve position ratchet
P108 Handcuff Case
Open top pouch for larger handcuffs with twelve position ratchet
P181 Handcuff Pouch
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